Zinio Unlimited


How to Zoom

In magazine view to zoom in and out:

  • Double-click: A double-click on any part of the page will result in a 2x zoomed view of that specific part. Double-clicking again will return to the full page.
  • Scroll: Use the scroll option on the mouse to zoom in or out.
  • Zoom Icon:  This has two features, zoom on current page or set a default zoom
    • To zoom on the current page:  Click on the zoom icon, and set the zoom bar at desired level 

    • To set a default zoom:  Click on the zoom icon,  set the zoom bar at desired level and enable the "set default zoom" option.  (Once this option is enabled the zoom icon will be marked in blue until the default zoom option is turned off)

Or from a mobile device

  • Pinch: pinch in or out until you reach the desired size

Note:  Zoom is not possible in the Text View 

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