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How to Bookmark Articles

To bookmark an article:

  • Open a publication go to the article you wish to bookmark. 
  • Tap once on the screen to display the navigation bar 
  • In the navigation bar there is a star icon  (this is the bookmark feature) tap it and it will turn blue and bookmark the page.  (If there is more than one article on the page, you will be requested to chose an article) 

To access "Bookmarks Articles" from the menu 

  • Tap on menu icon  > go to"Bookmarked Articles" 
  • Tap on the bookmarked article to view it

 To remove a bookmark:

  • Go to the article with the bookmark
  • Tap once on the screen to display the navigation bar
  • Tap on the blue star to remove the bookmark. When completed, the blue color will disappear             

Note:  It is only possible to bookmark articles and not adverts. 

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