Zinio Unlimited


How to Access and Use the Navigation Bars (Magazine View)

To access the navigation bars:

  • Open an issue of the magazine 
  • Open a page with an article included on it (i.e. not just pictures/adverts)
  • Tap once on the screen to display the navigation bar.  
  • This has the following options: 

Quick Navigation Options:

  • Table of Contents
    • Tap on the Contents Icon > a list of all the articles in this publication will be displayed.  Swipe up or down and tap an article to select it and be directed to it.  
  • Page Navigation
    • At the bottom of the page there is also a page navigation bar. This page navigation bar displays the whole content of the magazine in thumbnails: swipe left or right to see the different pages. Tapping on one of these thumbnails will direct you to that specific page. 
Note:  Features availability are established by the Publisher and may not always be available 
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